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Breezenet B-14

Alvarion BreezeNET B14 5.8 GHz Base Unit/Remote Bridge (antenna not included) - BU/RB-B14D-5.8

The Alvarion BreezeNET B14 5.8 GHz Base Unit / Remote Bridge. Included: Indoor Power Module with 100BaseT Ethernet port, outdoor-rated Radio Unit, 65ft (20m) baseband cable, CD, System Manual, Configuration Utility, Quick Installation Guide. Antenna not included and must be ordered seperately. For full liknk must order 2 units. - BU/RB-B14D-5.8

  • The BreezeNET B Family product is designed specifically for challenging NLOS environments and adverse weather conditions, providing an efficient, cost effective, highly secured high-speed point-to-point bridging solution for backhauling and building-to-building connectivity.

    Operating in the 5.25 GHz-5.34 GHz and 5.725 GHz-5.850 GHz band, the BreezeNET B is available in two speed versions and can bridge distances of up to 30miles (50km). The B14 delivers net 7 Mbps simultaneous throughput in each direction while the B28 provides up to 22 Mbps net total throughput. This makes it an ideal solution for connecting remote local offices and headquarters, isolated buildings on campuses and in industrial zones.

    Providing an indoor-outdoor architecture wireless infrastructure for optimal range and capacity, BreezeNET B14 and B28 leverages both robust outdoor technologies and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) modulation in the same product. With features such as Forward Error Correction (FEC) coding, used to combat multi-path and noisy environments, the product operates seamlessly and efficiently in Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) environments.

    The system also features adaptive modulation for automatic selection of modulation schemes to maximize the data rate and improve spectral efficiency. These inherent advantages of the BreezeNET B14 enable service providers to provide an effective PTP solution to a significantly higher customer base that would otherwise be inaccessible, due to LOS restrictions.

    Each link of BreezeNET B14 and B28 requires a Base Unit end and a Remote Bridge end. When combined with the use of low cost cabling, easy installation, rapid scalability and seamless integration into existing Ethernet networks, the BreezeNET B backhaul bridges ensure right-sized capacity with maximum cost efficiency.

Product Description

BreezeNET B14 and B28 delivers a comprehensive range of product features, ensuring fast, secure, consistent and reliable networking services, including:

  • High net throughput- 7 Mbps simultaneous on the B14 and 22 Mbps on the B28
  • Indoor-Outdoor architecture ensures unprecedented range and reliability.
  • Service Parameters - MIR downlink/uplink; User filtering
  • OFDM Radio Technology ensures NLOS capability and operation in noisy environments
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control & Adaptive Modulation facilitates continuous maximum performance
  • Encryption Security includes AES or WEP 128 bit for authentication and data
  • Includes BreezeCONFG Utility for configuration and management
  • Supports Standard SNMP Management protocols
  • Supports VLAN IEEE 802.1Q Bridging & DHCP Client
  • 100baseT AutoSense Ethernet Network Port
  • Easy Installation, CAT-5 Indoor/Outdoor cable included (65ft/20m)
  • Universal Power Supply 110/220 VAC
  • Available 21 dBi / 28 dBi / 31.2 dBi antennas (not included)
  • Range up to 31 miles (50 km) (with 31.2 dBi antenna) Full LED diagnostics, featuring 10-LED RSSI bar display for easy antenna alignment.