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Breezenet 100

Alvarion BreezeNET B100 (backhaul)

BreezeNET B100 is a carrier class wireless bridging solution that operates in the licensed-exempt 5 GHz band, offering radio speed of up to 108Mbps in point-to-point broadband access and backhaul applications. Available in 5.8 GHz and 5.4 GHz bands, the product addresses the growing market need for robust, high capacity systems to support real-time video, voice, and data services and the backhauling of high performance WiMAX broadband access and other networks, including those built using Alvarion's BreezeMAX™ and BreezeACCESS®VL products. Also targeting building-to-building enterprise connectivity, cellular backhaul, and high capacity access applications, the B100 is a field proven extension to Alavrion's widely deployed BreezeNET B14 and BreezeNET B28 products. Widely used also to deliver broadband services for government, other public sector customers, and public safety and security uses such as video surveillance, patrol, vehicle tracking and video streaming, BreezeNET B products are sufficiently flexible and robust for most deployment environments. BreezeNET B products are an ideal alternative to expensive leased lines, providing a quick way to establish high bandwidth links to connect campuses, industrial zones, and remote offices to a company headquarters.

Product Description

BreezeNET B100 delivers a comprehensive range of product features, ensuring fast, secure, consistent and reliable networking services, including:

    Frequency: 2,4 Ghz - 4,9 Ghz - 5,2 Ghz - 5,4 Ghz (for Benelux)- 5,8 Ghz
    Technology: Superior OFDM radio technology
    Performance: Robust peformance in non-line-of sight environments
    Distance: up to 20km following ETSI Standard
    Security: AES, WEP and FIPS
    Speed: Up to 65 Mbit aggregate